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.: Last Saturday I took my mountain bike to United Cycle for a spring tune-up. In addition, the bike will get a new seat, handlebars called monkeybars, which are raised up a bit (easier on the lower back), and a new lock. It will be ready on April 18th. Earlier in the week, my dishwasher left this mortal coil, and a new one was delivered and installed on Friday, and works nicely. Thank God my income tax refund arrived just before its demise.

On Saturday I’m going to Calgary, to join my parents, who are flying there on Thursday. My brother Chris turns 50 on Easter Sunday, and we will celebrate with a nice Easter brunch, and a visit. Later in the day I will drive back to Edmonton with my folks, who will visit for three more days before returning to Winnipeg.

4 Responses to “Update”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Hi randy, glad to hear things are well with you. I’m excited to hear more about the bike and dishwasher (consumerist that i am). Have fun!
    Take care, Sharon

  2. Derryl Says:

    Tell Chris happy birthday for me! And hi to him and your folks.


  3. Mom & DAD Says:

    Thanks again for going all out to make this a great visit, meeting some of your nice friends, hope we can do the same for you this coming summer, lol DAD

  4. Frank Denton Says:

    Hi, Randy. I’ll bet your dishwasher was a lot less expensive than our new refrigerator. Danged thing gave up after only twenty years. I hate to think about our freezer. We moved it when we moved to the Seattle area. That was in 1962. Still percolating. But every time we leave on a trip we worry. What if it quits while we’re on a two-month road trip? Oh, woe!

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