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Notes from New York (7)

In New York today the sun warmed up considerably, and it was great walking weather. Here at 5:45 pm, the sun is down, but it is still warm. A nice change from very cool weather earlier in the week. Today was a great day, and it’s not over, but the theme so far has been Edmonton Friends. I had a 90-minute visit with Sekeena in the morning, and in the afternoon, descended upon Macy’s to find Jessica, and have a coffee with her as well. Both visits were great, life-affirming (ok, that’s corny, but true) and I left both visits energized. Both are doing well: Sekeena is in law school at nights, working towards her degree which she hopes to finish by 2005. Jessica’s new album is being delivered as we speak, 1000 pressings of her 5th effort, of which she is justifiably proud (I know, I’ve heard some of the cuts already). Seeing these two amazing women today was great, and it’s not over. In a few minutes, I meet with my friend Lisa (whom I met at the Steely Dan parties in March 2001). We are going for a bite, and are off to see Janeane Garofolo perform stand-up. Later.

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