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NYC Images (1)

While in NYC I went down to the WTC site on November 5, 2002. The site has been emptied of debris, and the subway track for Line 1 in being rebuilt, in addition to a temporary WTC station for the PATH Trains to New Jersey. I’ll upload more pictures from NYC soon.

Click on the picture for a larger view. Note on the left the Deutsche Bank building, still covered in netting since September 11, 2001. The three black plaques on the wire mesh fences in the middle show the names of everyone who perished on the site that day.

I’ve had a day of mixed emotions. Family issues surfaced, so I looked to a friend for kind words, went for a walk at lunch, and fed one of the library squirrels some almonds. It was fascinating to watch the squirrel take each nut from my fingers, assess it for a second or two, then scoot off to bury it, each time choosing a different location and then covering it with leaves. A magpie came by a used its beak to move a few leaves over, but the squirrel chased it away.

After working out tonight, I felt like writing a thousand words about my life, its ups and downs. Maybe another time. Painful episodes can be especially draining – thank God for good friends.

9 Responses to “NYC Images (1)”

  1. zuchris Says:

    I like that shot Randy. How was it taken? What camera? Panoramic feature?

  2. randy Says:

    Thanks, Zuchris. I used a Creative PC-CAM 750 to take the pictures. I took five shots, moving left to right, and stitched them together using PixMaker. The camera is really a webcam that can double as a very basic digital camera as well – nothing fancy. Sometime I’d like to get a “real” digital camera!

  3. Keith Says:

    Write the thousand words or more. Write until the words say exactly what you feel. The act of exposition in itself will allow you to see more clearly.

    … Then wait a few days before showing this to anyone else.

  4. Heavy G Says:

    R: There are many different ways that one can cope with difficult times. Kenton, for example, always asks himself, “What would Bon Jovi do?” I would suggest that this is not the path to follow. Alternatively, you may want to envision yourself as a character from 24. Or you may just want to stick with Keith’s suggestion.

    Hope tomorrow is better…which would actually be today…but I do mean tomorrow as well (time to rest my head).

  5. randy Says:

    So, whazup, G? Thanks for the words. I forgot the Kenton mantra, it makes sense. I looked at the Gallery download and stuff, and it overwhelmed me tonight, so all I did was download the .gz file.

    I think I’ll need a beer after work tomorrow.

  6. Jenny Says:

    Randy, I hope everything is well with you – or improving at least 🙂

  7. sharon Says:

    wow. i really like what you did with the picture. It’s really cool! 🙂

  8. randy Says:

    Hey Jenny, things are improving, I had a really nice evening yesterday, which was good for the soul. Thanks for caring. Thanks to you and Keith and Heavy G for the kind words of encouragement. It’s a nice sunny day here in Edmonton today and I’m going for coffee with a good friend in an hour. Life just gets better. 🙂

  9. Says:

    Happy birthday to ARPANET

    ARPANET, precursor to the Internet, was first connected on this day in 1969. “The network connected a computer at the

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