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Heather’s Eyeflashes, Chester’s Archives

Posted in Miscellaneous on January 9th 2009 by Randy Reichardt

.: Heather Gallay and I “met” a couple years ago when she responded to a post I had written about Lost.  I recently reconnected with her via FaceBook, and discovered she is quite an amazing photographer.  Please check out her site, eyeFlashes, and click on “Open Gallery” to see a wide selection of her work.  Spend time with “Cream of the Crop” to see what Heather considers to be her best photos.  Some breathtaking stuff there.

.: I’ve been back at work for a week, and have spent most of the time plowing through the personal archives and papers of Chester D Cuthbert, the legendary Winnipeg book collector.  His archives (letters, notes, booklists, etc) were obtained along with his book, fanzine and pulp magazine collection last October by MPOW, the University of Alberta Libraries.  Chester’s personal archives (and the books, zines, etc.) will be added to the University of Alberta’s collection, and I am creating the Finding Aid for them, to help future researchers who wish to access his papers.  It has been fascinating and a rare privilege to sift through the many letters Chester exchanged with his many contacts over the decades, stretching back to the 1930s.  Among his correspondents were many important names in the sf publishing field, including William F Nolan, August Derleth, Donald A Wollheim, and Forrest J Ackerman.