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Current Satire and Commentary

Funny Stuff – The Al Franken Web Page

How to Talk Minnesotan

Firesign Theatre

Firesign Theatre FAQ

Planet Proctor – Phil Proctor of FS

Firezine – Official Digital Magazine of the Firesign Theatre

FLICK LIVES! – The Jean Shepherd Web Site – the man who created the characters Ralph, Randy, Mom and The Old Man – if you’ve seen the Movies “A Christmas Story” or “My Summer Story”, then you’ve seen the work of Jean Shepherd.

Cartoon, Funny Pages and Animation

Berkeley Breathed – Bloom County – from the New Yorker

For Better or For Worse – United Features


Chuck Jones Official Site

Hidden Gags in Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Cartoons

The Big Cartoon Database


Last updated on 23 November 2020