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From Cambridge to Chennai

Posted in Miscellaneous on February 6th 2011 by Randy Reichardt

.: Late November 27th, I flew to Boston to spend a week hanging out in Cambridge MA.  I had been in Boston during the same week over the past three years, each time to attend meetings at a conference.  In 2010, those meetings had ceased, so I wasn’t invited back to the conference again.  But in 2009, I had spent some time in Cambridge and Somerville, meeting people with whom I’d become friends on Facebook, and visiting some of the amazing music clubs in the area, including TOAD, Lizard Lounge, Atwood’s, Johnny D’s, and The Burren.  Wanting to experience more of the music scene in Cambridge and Somerville, I decided to return during the same week, but stay in Cambridge and go to the clubs every night to experience the great music there.  There were local musicians performing that week whose music had always impressed me and who I had never seen perform before, including Kristin Cifelli and Jennifer Kimball.    I also wanted to reconnect with the people I’d met in 2009 and meet a few new ones as well.

All of the above happened.  I had a great time.  I went to a club every night for seven straight days.  In addition to seeing Kristin and Jennifer perform, I saw shows by Tim Gearan, The Wild Sea, Dennis Brennan, The White Owls, Hugh McGowan, Amy Correia, The Gilded Splinters, and more.  I spent time hanging and jamming with Paul Janovitz, and visited friends at MIT and Harvard.  The only times I was in Boston were to arrive at and leave from Logan Airport.  I hope to return again in 2011 for more of the same.  The people with whom I spent time were very friendly; I felt like I was part of the community for a few days, and I want to experience that feeling again.

.: On February 15th, I will be flying to India with my friend and colleague, Margaret Law.  This will be the first time in my life that I will visit a country other than the United States.  Yes, it’s taken that long for such a trip to happen.  Our first stop will be at IIT Madras in Chennai.  We will be attending a conference of engineering librarians, and I will be speaking at one of the sessions.  We will leave Chennai on the 21st , and fly to Mumbai, for meetings with other engineering librarians, engineering students, and faculty, at IIT Bombay.  I will also give a presentation to the librarians at IIT Bombay.

We leave Edmonton on the 15th, and fly to Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Chennai.  We leave at 10:35 hrs on Tuesday, the 15th, and arrive in Chennai at 01:35 on Thursday, the 17th.  The return flight will be on the 25th – a very long 25th that will see Margaret and I fly from Mumbai to Hong Kong.  In Hong Kong, Margaret will board a flight for Korea, and I’ll return to Vancouver.  I’ll arrive in Vancouver a few hours before I leave Hong Kong, thanks to the IDL.

I’m not looking forward to the flights to and from Hong Kong.  Each flight will take over 13 hours.  I’ll report back after the trip.