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More Refinements

.: I’m migrating and editing most of my old pages, which I had in many sub-categories. I began building these subject pages back in the mid-1990s, when my web page first appeared, in pre-blog days. I guess it was always the librarian in me. When services like came along, I never opted to switch, but continued to maintain my own subject pages. When I finish the migration and merging of these pages, I’ll need to do some serious editing. The “Internet” page, for example, has links to some pages that are quite old and outdated.

I also don’t know how to clean up the footer on my site, since upgrading to Thesis.  I’ll probably need to go into a forum and ask for help.

2 Responses to “More Refinements”

  1. Brad Grier Says:

    Liking the tabbed navigation. Looks like you’re doing well with this 😉

  2. Randy Says:

    Thanks Brad. I’m continuing to work on the site, albeit slowly. I have no idea how to solve the footer issue but will be patient with that. Regarding the tabs, using this (I downloaded and installed NAVT and worked out a few kinks before it started to work correctly) is forcing me to revisit the information on each page, and also to evaluate the usefulness of the pages as well. For now I’m transferring the content, and will edit the content afterwards.

    Thanks again for your help and continuing support, and for directing me to Thesis in the first place.

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