World’s Largest Aircraft Lands At EIA

Video courtesy of Chris Labossiere, who writes: “This Antonov 225 was landing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on March 30th, 2010. It was in Edmonton to collect military cargo and helicopters which were destined for Afghanistan.”

Antonov 225 – Worlds Largest Fixed Wing Aircraft from Chris LaBossiere on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “World’s Largest Aircraft Lands At EIA”

  1. Brad Grier Says:

    Tess and I saw that big bird at one of the last Edmonton Airshows at Namao. It’s huge on the inside — originally built to transport the Soviet Space Shuttle.

    I was wondering if anyone caught it coming in..thanks for posting your find!

  2. Randy Reichardt Says:

    Here’s another video of the landing:

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