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Whirlwind Winnipeg Visit

.: Spending a three-day weekend in Winnipeg. Arrived on Saturday morning, and surprised my Mom at the airport. She and my Dad gave their friend Jeanette a ride to the airport to catch a US-bound flight, and then my Dad suggested they grab a quick coffee before leaving. He had brought his camera with him, the story he told my mother was that he wanted to take a couple pictures of her at the airport. I was watching, and when her back was turned, I approached. Dad told her to turn around, and then she saw me. It was a nice way to surprise her.

Later that day we went to Mike and Susan’s for a bbq steak dinner, joined by Steve and Val. Then this morning Mike and Susan joined us, and my parents’ neighbour, Lynn, for dim sum. Winnipeg has great dim sum that also happens to be about the cheapest available anywhere. We followed dim sum with a quick Costco run. I’ll be back home tomorrow.

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