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Lost Beatles’ tapes found

There’s a lot going on right now, and a lot about which to write, but I’ve been busy. Lots of teaching and mentoring this week at work. Tonight five of us went for beers at the Power Plant, and laughed ourselves silly for four hours. My ribs are still hurting, but it felt so good to laugh (when I wasn’t choking).

Here’s an interesting story, however: 500 original Beatles tapes, stolen in the 1970s, and containing music and tracks that have never been heard, have been recovered in Holland. Now we’ll wonder if and when some of these songs might be released. I’m trying to imagine how fascinating it would be to hear complete, original Beatles tunes we’ve never heard, recorded in 1969 and remastered to match today’s quality. It would be absolutely fascinating.

3 Responses to “Lost Beatles’ tapes found”

  1. Stuart Says:

    By chance I was in Holland in 71 and bought 4 versions of these Get Back sessions in obvious bootleg packaging. Please don’t let Phil Spector or Jeff Lynne at these tapes. Just clean up the tape hiss and let THE MUSIC re-cast the last days of the Beatles in a light now long forgotten. These tapes represent both Rock and Roll.

  2. Richie from the USA Says:

    My friend purchased a double album bootleg in the 70’s called “Sweet Apple Trax”. It contained much of the tunes from the stolen tapes.

  3. lawrence Says:

    The tapes mentioned are probably those broadcast on Australian Radio in early 1969. The tapes included a Beatles version of Teddy Boy – which was never released by the Beatles . Instead it was recorded after the split by Mcartney on his solo album.

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