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Stuff 01.11.03(1)

Risking a name drop, Derryl sent me notice that William Gibson has a blog. I’ve added it to my list to the right. It’s fascinating reading from a complex individual who is credited with inventing cyberspace. Read his first entry. And the name drop? Derryl and I know Gibson as Bill, not William. I’ve known him since the early 80s, before he published anything. I haven’t seen him since his tour for Virtual Light brought him through Edmonton. So, forgive me this moment of self-indulgence, but check out his writing.

My brother Chris finally made it onto Big Sandy’s photo page (check the bottom of the page). Big Sandy and His Fly Rite Boys were a huge hit at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival in August 2002, and Big Sandy himself is a consumate gentleman and all-around nice guy!

I am a little more upbeat of late, despite the cold and the dark of January, and the insanity of university this time of year. I delivered two well-received research skills/library resources lectures to two materials engineering design classes this week, with more to come next week in civil and environmental, and another materials class. I feel much satisfaction when I know I’ve reached at least one student and helped them to understand and develop information literacy skills.

My friend Jen has the ability to write bits for her blog and then solict comments up the wazoo. Check her site and read the entries Love Circles and SUV Redux. (Jen, when are you going to add Permalinks!?)

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  1. jennifer Says:

    dunno how dude 🙂 show me!

    thanks for the plug. you rock!

    and roll

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