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Stuff 01.11.03(2)

Just returned from the fascinating movie Narc. A suspended narcotics officer is asked to participate in the investigation of the murder of a police officer. Ray Liotta plays the slain policeman’s partner, and Jason Patric is the suspended officer assigned to the case. Not your typical buddy movie by any stretch of the imagination.

Yesterday at the Power Plant, in the midst of our giddiness, we tried inventing new band names. The one that had us laughing the most was Botox Nutsack. Have you invented any good band names?

4 Responses to “Stuff 01.11.03(2)”

  1. jennifer Says:

    not mine, but one of the best faux band names i have heard it gratuitous umlaut (with lots of umlauts of course).

  2. the propagandist Says:

    how about “sucking chest wound”?

  3. jennifer Says:

    ooo thats a good one

  4. Alfvaen Says:

    Band names? Hundreds of them, literally. Good? Who knows? The one that pops into my mind right now is “Reckless Recluse”, which is the kind of wordplay that I tend to come up with.

    One day, I will get my Random Band Name Server back online. Possibly with the help of JavaScript, which I am learning for work.

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