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Hijacked and Gonged!

¦¦Earlier today, my browser (IE6.whatever) was “hijacked” by another website, (NOTE: DON’T go there!) The result was, whenever I opened my browser, it would default to the searchex homepage. Bastards. Anyway, I searched for a solution, and found it at This could happen to you at any time. I’d recommend you go to the site, which has good suggestions for preventing, fixing and removing a hijack. Among the programs recommended are SpyBot Search and Destroy, BHODemon, and Hijack This. I was running AdAware 5.0, unaware that it had been upgraded to 6.0.

I’ve created a Spyware/Scumware section on the computer page of my website. If you know of other good spyware/scumware programs, please let me know.

¦¦I saw Confessions of a Dangerous Mind this afternoon, based on Chuck Barris‘s autobiography. Whether or not he did kill 33 people for the CIA may never be known, but the movie works well, anchored by Sam Rockwell‘s outstanding performance.

The movie, directed by George Clooney, is interspersed with short clips of interview with people associated with The Gong Show, The Newlywed Game, and The Dating Game, including Gene Gene, The Dancing Machine, The Unknown Comic, and Jim Lange. During the Gong Show’s heyday, Barris was accused of dumbing down entertainment before the term “dumbing down” existed. I watched the Gong Show occasionally, and loved it when Gene Gene, The Dancing Machine would interrupt proceedings, and get stuff thrown at him. I remember one time he started dancing, and stuff was getting tossed at him, when from stage left came a photocopy machine rolling towards him. Someone threw a photocopier at him! One of the funniest moments I remember on television. You can watch Gene right here, and if you need more, go to iFilm and check out other GS clips. You will no longer wonder when civilization began to decline.

3 Responses to “Hijacked and Gonged!”

  1. Murph Says:

    Did I ever tell you I have the 1st edition HC of CONFESSIONS? It’s a weird book.

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  3. :: throw another blog on the wire :: Says:

    Make lunch not war

    Kim & I went down to Churchhill Square on Saturday to show our support for the anti-war movement. Watching

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