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The Latest Report

My good friend Robert Runt has joined the blogging ranks. He doesn’t disappoint.

I have a remote starter on my car. It’s great this time of year, when the temperature is -25C. I saw The Recruit tonight, and upon leaving, discovered the remote starter decided not to start. So, I’ll be at the retailer tomorrow asking them to fix it quickly, and for free. BTW, it’s -25C in Edmonton tonight.

Speaking of The Recruit, I enjoyed it, despite Al Pacino’s way-over-the-top performance. Colin Farrell, the current It Guy, was good without annoying me. A predictable story, but worth two hours of escape and $9.95Cdn.

The Morning News’ Guide to New York Jargon is hilarious.

The lists on McSweeney’s, brainchild of Dave Eggers, are also hilarious. Try Some Famous Names That Can Replace The Word Yesterday In The Song “Yesterday” by Paul McCartney or Actual Entries From The Scots Dialect Dictionary.

3 Responses to “The Latest Report”

  1. jennifer Says:

    take the bus dammit. 🙂 it almost goes right by your house. i rarely worry abou starting the car.

  2. sharon Says:

    you have the coolest links, r!
    I checked out the Morning News link and stumbled across an article by Matthew Baldwin, called “Schrodinger’s Iraq.” Hilarious!


  3. mairi maclean Says:

    Hi Randy,
    I’m a features writer with the Edmonton Journal and I’m working up a story on blogging.
    I came upon the pod bay door, and wanted to get in touch in hopes I might be able to interview you for my story. I’m interested in what prompted you to create a blog and about the intriguing culture of blogging.
    (I didn’t see another place to e-mail you on your site.)
    If you’re interested, please call me at the Edmonton Journal at 429 5330, or e-mail me at
    Hope to talk with you in the next couple of days, if possible. Thanks in advance

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