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More Stuff About Buildings and Food

The Captions Game, from the site, Edgecurve, is hilarious. My favorite so far is this one with the baby in the box of styropopcorn.

Geoff and I were contacted today by Mairi MacLean, a features writer at The Edmonton Journal today. Mairi is writing a story on blogging for the paper. She interviewed each of us by phone, and her questions were thoughtful and probing. Of course, I’ll be checking the paper tomorrow morning first thing to see if we made it to press!

As well, Geoff and I submitted an edited version of a 2,500 word article we wrote on weblogs and how they might work in the library world. The paper, written for Feliciter, was edited down to 1,900 words, and I’m hoping we can keep it there, and not reduce it further. As well, we’ve been asked to present a session on weblogging for Academic Technologies for Learning, at the U of A. This seems to be happening all too fast!

4 Responses to “More Stuff About Buildings and Food”

  1. sharon Says:

    wow! that sounds exciting. congrats!
    will it be published online as well? I’d like to read it..

  2. jen Says:

    I was also interviewed. She told me it wouldn’t be to press for at least a few days.

  3. Loretta Says:

    That sounds great Randy. If it appears in the paper please send us the write up.

  4. :: throw another blog on the wire :: Says:

    Blogs, Tablet PCs, and everything in between

    Randy’s already noted that the two of us had a little brush with local blogging fame this week. A nice

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