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Weather or Not, a Mixed Bag Special

The temperature in Edmonton at the moment is -33C. The long range forecast for next Friday is +12C. There is hope.

This is so annoying. But if you look closely, notice that the template of symbols changes every time. That has to have something to do with how it works. D’oh!

For those interested in the Sept 11 building performance information, two good engineering publications exist, one online. The American Society of Civil Engineers has just published The Pentagon Building Performance Report. The report concludes that original design features, modified by recent upgrades, limited the collapse of the building after the airliner crashed into it. Within the report is a blurry picture taken by a security camera that catches the plane, barely a few feet off the ground, if at all, just before it crashes into the first floor of the Pentagon. Some illustrations from the report are available for viewing.

ASCE was also involved in the World Trade Center building performance study , released in the fall of 2002 by FEMA.

At first I thought this was bogus. Mike sent a note about leaflets being dropped on Iraq since November 28, 2002. News releases accompany the images. Even weirder: scripts from radio broadcasts into Iraq.

The current issue of Science features information on new views of Jupiter. (You need password access to read the article.) MSNBC offers more from the issue, including a set of incredible pictures from Galileo spacecraft (see left hand column.) Hard to believe that only a few years ago, it was thought that Jupiter had only 12 moons – 47 have now been identified. Pity Saturn, with only 30.

I started a Stott Pilates class last night. I find it fascinating, and will continue.

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