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My Eye Feels Better

¦¦ Mike notified me about this story on MSNBC: Marketers at Dr Pepper (the soft drink) have decided to use blogs as a new marketing tool, to advertise their new milk-based product, Raging Cow. A blog has already been created that is home to a fictional account of the history of the drink. From the MSNBC site: “Next comes a blog-related twist on viral marketing—recruiting “key influence bloggers” to promote Raging Cow by sharing their enthusiasm, linking to the site and distributing special screensavers, banners and skins.” Does anyone else think this might backfire, except among dough-headed teenagers (which means not ALL teenagers, just the dough-headed ones)?

Then again, just by mentioning it on my site, I’ve added one more link to their product (out in April), so maybe I’m part of the plan.

¦¦ My right eye is healing, after using prescription eye drops for a day.

¦¦ Every so often while maintaining this blog site, I reach a point of minor frustration – I want to clean up the coding, make the site work better in other browsers, etc. I’m working on that now, albeit really, really slowly.

¦¦ There is no end in sight to our frigid temperatures, expected to continue into next week. But there is a lot more hours of sunshine!

3 Responses to “My Eye Feels Better”

  1. Kim Says:

    I just checked out the Dr. Pepper site – pretty slick marketing tool. I guess it was only a matter of time. Have you seen the Nike ad with the streaker at the soccer (actually football as it looks like it is supposed ot take place in Europe) match? I was in a sports bar last Friday and they played it about 3 times in one hour and each time different people were watching and laughing thinking it was a streaker at an actual live game. Very clever.

  2. kelly Says:

    Jessica Owen in the paper today!

    Good Lord. I wonder who the ‘influential bloggers’ will be?

    wilwheaton? littleyellowdifferent? lileks?

    I think that most of the more profound writers, the more reputable bloggers, if you will, will steer clear of this.

    But, then again, aren’t we all attention whores anyhow?

  3. Heavy G Says:

    I’m with Doc Searls in the blog as “antidote to viral marketing” camp. I mean whatever, it’s a free world (more or less…less or more??) and it was only a matter of time until they hedged their way into blogging, but it’s unfortunate nonetheless.

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