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:: I’ve finished Day 1 of the EBL Conference. I’m exhausted. The day went well, met some very cool people from Australia, the UK, Norway, USA, other parts of Canada. I MC’d the door prizes at the banquet, and only made one major gaff. Now I’m home, packing for SLA on Saturday.

:: I borrow music from the public library, and listen to the CDs in my car while driving. I borrowed an album called The Last Broadcast by the band, Doves. I must’ve read a review of it somewhere, having never heard of the band. I popped it into the CD player with no expectations, and can report that it’s quickly become one of my favorite albums of the year. The biographical info on the site is a bit cryptic, and I can’t confirm if there are three or four members in the band. The record sounds like there are many more. This band must be something to see in concert, if they are able to replicate the wall of sound in some of the songs on The Last Broadcast. I might describe them as Coldplay meets Radiohead (circa OK Computer) meets the Manchester Sound. It’s a great record. More short reviews here.

The weirdest thing, like, really weird? I was listening to the album yesterday, and stopped at Zeller’s to pick up some socks. I walked in, and the music in the store was “Pounding“, my favorite song on The Last Broadcast. Hello? Who’s programming music for Zeller’s?

:: Finally, many people are relishing the indictment of Martha Stewart, but some are pointing to the hypocrisy of the non-indictment (to date) of Ken Lay, who headed Enron while it stole billions, wiped out savings of 12,000 workers, cost 5,000 workers their jobs, misled and lied to their stockholders, and nailed California by rigging electricity prices during its energy crisis. Lay and his wife, btw, have annuities which, when they reach maturity in 2007, will provide guaranteed monthly payments for life of $43,023 to Lay, and $32,643 to his wife.

4 Responses to “Lightspeed”

  1. Brad Says:

    RE: Doves, check out Lost Souls, should you get a chance..more excellent stuff.


  2. treefen Says:

    The only mistake that Martha made was getting people to like her – now they feel betrayed, so the public wants to see her roasted. As for Lay, he was some anonymous rich guy and the only people who really want to see him fry are the broke, unemployed people he screwed. Surprise, surprise – they can’t afford lawyers.

  3. randy Says:

    Good point, and also consider that in additional to being rich, Dubya is one of his close friends, and Enron pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into his campaign.

  4. Andrew Booth Says:


    Don’t worry about making gaffs – I was at a conference recently where someone mistook a French Canadian for a Norwegian!

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