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SARSfest in Toronto, Bill Maher

:: The largest rock concert in Canadian history happened yesterday at Downsview ON. The Rolling Stones and 15+ other musical acts performed a show to support the city of Toronto, hammered on many fronts, mostly tourism, since the SARS breakout earlier this year.

The television coverage in Canada, well, SBT’d: Sucked Big Time. Broadcasters from Much More Music and CBC interviewed teenage girls and aging hippies for their (constant, non-stop) moronic perspectives of the event, as if anyone gave a rat’s ass. At one point during the CBC’s waste-of-time two hour broadcast, Ralph Ben-Mergui “interviewed” a beautiful, waif-like young thing from Florida who looked as if she just left a casting call for Blue Crush, asking her dumb question after question, getting close and closer to her each time. It was a sad performance from someone who knew better.

In addition, the MMM VJs often interviewed the performers, and again, like, who cared? I wanted to see the concerts, the performances, the music. Live Aid, anyone? Remember how pathetic the coverage was for that in 1985? Didn’t the CBC or MMM learn anything? Ooooops, sorry, I forgot: contractual obligations! Must show commercials endlessly. Must show idiot interviews. Must show videos of old concerts. Toronto rocked, the rest of Canada was passed over.

:: Derryl advises that Bill Maher is blogging. This is a good thing, I love Maher. But Bill: c’mon, let us comment on your postings – DUDE!

7 Responses to “SARSfest in Toronto, Bill Maher”

  1. Mike N. Says:

    Did you know that this concert was AMAZING? As well as HISTORIC and WORLD CLASS. And that Toronto is a GREAT and AMAZING place. And that people travelled from miles away…some as far as Newmarket and Oshawa.
    Wow! Amazing.

  2. randy Says:

    Yes, yes and yes. And the rest of Canada – out of it. Oshawa? Wow, I wonder how long it took to get there?

  3. Ron Says:

    Yes, Live Aid was a real letdown at the time, and the TV coverage was simply terrible. That at least had the excuse of being a famine fund-raiser. Still, I didn’t expect a ton of live footage this time, it being the music industry with all the red tape and money involved.

  4. Murph Says:

    I don’t know about MMM, but the CBC was dealing with broadcast rights up until 4 in the afternoon of the concert. What they got was the right to do 1 song from each act, 3 from the Stones, and a couple of others (Guess Who, for one) let them do two songs. So blame the promoters and the management, not the TV people.

    Oh, and I saw interviews with people who’d come from Trinidad and another from San Diego, just for the concert.


  5. randy Says:

    True, Derryl, but it’s a totally lame-o excuse/reason/whatever at this time in our history. One song from each act? If this is the best the “TV people” could do, then spare the rest of the country from the bullshit.

    People want to see the music, not brain dead surfer dudes and tanned nymphoidettes babbling about how far they drove to get to Downsview or how excited they are to be there.

    Bah, effen humbug.

  6. julia Says:

    Noticed the “Bill Maher” comment here..
    Any fans of his here? If so, please go to this

    click on “Maher’s Planet”

    I wrote the first song ever about Bill Maher
    and I hope y’all will like it.
    Julia Rose

  7. T Says:

    Well first off, the problem with this is that it shouldn’t of been of TV anyway! The problem is that people are just to damn lazy to get off their ass and GO to the concert! I left Winnipeg to go see this concert and loved every second of it. People are just too afraid of spending a little money, or taking the heat of leaving their job for A DAY! What’s the big deal. Woodstock wasn’t on TV….nor Altamont….or many of the other big festivals the world has seen. There’s no reason this should have been on TV either. It wasn’t a “Farm AID” concert. The whole idea was to attract TOURSIM to the area, NOT attract TV viewers from the rest of Canada.

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