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Watching TV

:: I’ve watched a lot of television since the 60s, which was the time I got hooked on it all. But this year has been a bit different. For the first time in memory, I’ve not added a new show to the ones I watch in prime time, and in fact, have dropped a few. The only prime time shows still on my radar are the three Law & Orders, and 24, although 24 is rapidly losing my interest. I stopped watching The West Wing, and don’t watch any sitcoms, except the original (UK) Coupling, when I remember to dial it up. I watch SNL, having been there since the beginning, and also dial up MAD-TV. I tape Ebert & Roeper, and the occasional Charlie Rose. The Daily Show is also required viewing.

It seems like a lot of tv, but the big difference is that many of my evenings are free because I’ve dropped most of the prime time stuff. And because I have digital cable, I can see four east code feeds of ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX (three from Detroit, one from Rochester NY, as far as I can tell). As such, I can watch shows on those networks three hours ahead of the same shows I’d normally see three hours later on Spokane cable. For example, rather than wait until 12:30 am to watch SNL on a Sat night, I can watch (or tape it) at 9:30 that evening.

6 Responses to “Watching TV”

  1. sharon Says:

    I love the UK Coupling! We finished the second season here; do they have a third?

  2. Kenton Says:

    I was a former TV junkie myself. Growing up I would watch 6 – 8 hours of TV per day. Although this has made me an excellent Trivial Pursuit player, it was not a very good use of time. About three years ago, I simply stopped watching mainstream TV shows. I have never seen West Wing, 24 or even Law and Order. I have only ever watched one episode of Sopranos. Instead, when I watch TV it tends to be either Movies on Movie Central, Music Shows or News Channels. About the only show I try and catch is King of the Hill.

  3. Mike N. Says:

    Susan and I have been watching fewer regular TV shows every year for a while now. The loss of Buffy was a blow this year, but we’ve picked up Joan of Arcadia. I recommend it.

    Is it old age, or just really bad TV? I used to watch hockey religiously, but I haven’t seen a game for a few years now. Is it me, or is hockey BORING? Maybe I just have better ways of spending my time. Who knows.

  4. randy Says:

    I think it’s a combination of all those things. Age, shifting priorities, etc. Hockey has become a duller game, less scoring, clutch-and-grab style of play is dominant, players lost respect for others years ago,etc.

    What fascinates me is to consider that when a show gets a high rating in, say, the USA, it usually means that perhaps 10-15 million people were watching. Factor in those watching other networks, and perhaps 30-40 million people are watching tv. My question: what are the other 250-260 million people doing? Sure, some are working, but the rest may be doing productive things that enrich the mind and body.

    Watch enough tv, and one tends to believe that everyone watches tv. I’m still amazed that there are some people who never watch Law and Order (I mean, how can you MISS it, it’s on every day!), yet Kenton, you note that you’ve never seen it.

    Even with reduced television time, there is too much to do. I am single, no dependents, no pets, no plants, and still can’t find the time to do what (I think) I want to do, such as reading and movies. Some preferences will trump others.

    And life goes on.

  5. Mike N. Says:

    I don’t watch Law and Order. I hear there is more than one around now?

  6. Garth Danielson Says:

    Of all the shows you’ve got listed all I watch is the Daily Show. I still catch the Simpsons, South Park and lately I have been watching Jimmy Neutron. I find I am now thinking more about waiting for them to get published as DVD’s and watch them then in a batch, rather than waiting for a season to play out. Recently I have started watching Secret Agent AKA Dangerman with Patrick McGoohan. I have only watched the first three shows so far but they were pretty good. The Ben Stiller show came out last week and that was fun to watch again. Appearently tv shows are a big seller in the DVD market. The local BestBuy has stopped carrying VHS prerecorded movies in favor of dvds, and they put the tv show dvds in the first spot after the new releases.

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