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Happy New Year

:: From The Guardian, here is a list of 101 things to do in 2004. Anyone notice the error in #21? I see “metrosexual” is already considered very last year, according to #31, and that among the choices men will have in terms of new kinds of masculinity includes “Cheddarosexual”, which means lactose-intolerant urban male. I will not do #62. I want nothing to do with #32. #26 reminds us we’re all getting old. I’ll do #99 next week.

If you need to revisit 2003, do it with a smile by reading Dave Barry’s 2003: A Dave Odyssey. Happy New Year to all who visit my site. Many thanks, have a great year.

One Response to “Happy New Year”

  1. Stephen Says:


    Happy New Year to you. I got the metrosexual book for Christmas from Santa (clearly metrosexual – has a wife but dresses in red velvet for special days!). It describes nearly all of my male friends and colleagues. My son finsished reading it and decided it explains him too. I loved the Guardian list.



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