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Watching TV

:: There is word circulating that Dick Wolf is considering a fourth Law & Order series. Apparently a third CSI series is in the works, CSI New York. Saturday Night Live featured “Law & Order: Parking Violations Unit“, in an October 6, 2001 sketch. I enjoy the three L&Os now, but don’t know if a fourth is necessary. How about “Law & Order: Library Fines”?

I don’t watch the CSI shows. However, my tv viewing habits keeps shifting. I’ve watched some of the new Dennis Miller show, but his move to the right disappoints me; I can’t believe he’s leaving Bush alone. Typical week for me: Monday: The Newsroom; Tue: 24, L&O:SVU; Wed: L&O; Thu – nothing; Fri – nothing, although I watched South Park last night because they went to Canada to see the new prime minister; Sat: SNL, Ebert and Roeper, MAD-TV, Coupling (when it’s broadcast), Sun: L&O: CI. I tape SportsCentre, Charlie Rose, The Daily Show, the occasional Letterman/Leno/O’Brien/Kilborn, if I learn that a guest in whom I’m interested is scheduled to appear.

Overall, still too much tv.

The family of James Davis, an NYC councilman slain in 2003, was upset with NBC last week for airing an episode based on that incident.

:: I’m disappointed but not surprised to learn that the Yankees are pursuing Alex Rodriguez. I really hope he doesn’t sign with them.

2 Responses to “Watching TV”

  1. darcy Says:


    (maybe I’ll start watching tv again once the L&O: Library fines gets going…. 🙂 )

  2. randy Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you to, Darcy, and thanks for those hugs and kisses, which I am returning with equal enthusiasm!

    xxooxxoo – Randy 😉

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