OED Word of the Day: blog

:: Mike sent word (no pun intended), that the Oxford English Dictionary chose blog as their Word Of the Day recently. In the OED, blog has two definitions, one as a verb, and one as a noun.

Also, here’s the OED entry for weblog, which as you will notice, has two definitions; the one from 1993 has nothing to do with blogs.

2 Responses to “OED Word of the Day: blog”

  1. Garth Danielson Says:

    funny no one seems to remember when blog was a drink so populat at midwestern scince fiction conventions.

  2. Rando Says:

    Good point, Garth – we drank blog at Minicon in 1976! I wrote about blog as a fannish drink back in Dec, 2002: http://www.podbaydoor.com/archives/000574.html

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