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:: With dozens of e-mails an ever-increasing number of electronic messages to answer, together with work, home and musical projects requiring attention, I’m taking a short break from posting. Be back soon.

16 Responses to “Sidebar”

  1. JenB Says:


  2. randy Says:

    bite me.

  3. JenB Says:


  4. Grammar Police Says:

    If you have dozens of e-mails, then you must be a very special person. For most people, the word e-mail (like the word mail) is uncountable and can only be referred to in plural when combined with a countable noun such as “dozens of e-mail messages”. You’re welcome. Signed: the grammar police have teeth and you’ve been bit!

  5. randy Says:

    Thanks. You can bite me too.

  6. Morrie Says:

    Randy,hope you get done what you have to do and you’ll be back soon. Enjoy your musical stuff.

  7. Factor Robin Says:

    And, in a few days after I take a break, I’ll tell you what the 1,000,000,000th prime number is.

  8. randy Says:

    And why, pray tell, would I give a rat’s ass about that?

  9. darcy Says:

    Boy, you’re cranky when you’re not blogging!!!!!



  10. randy Says:

    Yah, I guess I need to get blogged pretty soon!

  11. Rat's Ass Says:

    (In a smooth sales voice) ’cause baby this number is definitely you! PS: Love the appearing and disappearing blog text. New feature?

  12. Mike N. Says:


    You’re getting more comments than you have in ages. Quitting really works.

  13. Frank's Slide Says:

    And I says to Frank, “Frank, why do we do this? Beat our heads against the wall when we know we can’t win?” And Frank says, “Look, it wasn’t me who had the idea to rope an octopus.” I tell him it ain’t no octopus; it’s a squid.

  14. Squid Rings Says:

    Squid? That’s a good one. Just want to remind everyone that if you go into a Japanese restaurant, what looks like a bowl of onion rings fried in batter isn’t onion.

  15. Randy's Squid Attack Says:

    Is that what happened to Randy? He got squidified? Sorry to hear. Hope he feels better soon.

  16. Outta Here Says:

    Hey, look: Randy’s back. He must have survived that squid attack. Wonder if he still has tentacles stuck on his head. The new wave of Medusas, eh?

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