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:: The problem detailed previously with Outlook 2003 not working on my home computer has been solved for now. In Norton Internet Security 2005, I turned off the AntiSpam function, and e-mail began to flow into my Outlook 2003 inbox.

I’m now working with a template designed by Neil Turner in the UK, with the goal of moving it to STLQ when it’s ready. You can see my progress with it at, if yer bored…

:: I have a couple hundred e-mails to process (here and at work.) Please be patient with me. I’m also nearing the end of the book chapter I am writing. I estimate I’ve spent anywhere from 60-80 hours on it in the past four weeks. I underestimated how long it would take to finish it.

3 Responses to “Update”

  1. Keith "Shaun of the Dead" Alias Says:

    Want a really slow computer? Install “Norton Internet Security”. Version 2003 was bad enough; version 2004 slowed many systems to a crawl; and version 2005 has even more wonderful features!

  2. Brave Kelso Says:

    Ditto Keith’s comment about Norton Suites. Norton sucks up resources. Your computer should not be that slow. Backup data, reformat and reinstall XP and essential programs. The MS Office stuff should run fine – the programs have not really improved since Office 97 anyway. Essential security is firewall, cookies – but watch them because that can really mess blogging through an interactive program like MT – and viruses.

  3. Zosma Zack Says:

    Randy. The test site looks good in Firefox (on Linux). The sidebar is there. Nothing seems to have been pushed to the bottom of the page. The main site still looks funny, though.

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