Windows 2005

:: The neverending house renos continued over the weekend. On Friday, a new sofa, washer and dryer were delivered from Sears Home. Today, six new windows and a new screen door were installed in my house. The front window in the living room was replaced, and one of the new windows opens with a crank, allowing for a nice cross-breeze through the main floor. Vertical blinds, which covered both the front windows, and one of the upstairs bedroom windows, do not fit the new ones; replacements will eventually be ordered. For now, two light blue bedsheets will cover the front windows. The house remains a mess; I will work to clean it up after I return from the upcoming two library conferences.

On Saturday, my friend Allison and I attended one of Kevin Pollack‘s standup shows at Rick Bronson’s Comic Strip at WEM. Seldom does Edmonton get a comic of Pollack’s stature, and his show was brilliant and side-splittingly funny. His act included dead-on impersonations of Christopher Walken, Yoda, Ah-nuld, and of course, his pièce de résistance, William Shatner. The sequence of comedy bits followed most of his new (and surprisingly, first) CD, A Little Off The Top. His film resume is impressive, numbering more than fifty; I checked the list, and counted twelve titles I’ve seen. On the way out, I bought his CD, and thanked him for coming to Edmonton to perform here. He asked me to whom he was signing the CD. I said “Randy”, he looked at me and said, “Randy…with an R?”, and we both laughed.

Pollack’s act was polished, professional, and respectful of his audience. I like standup comedy a lot, even more so when the comedian delivers the goods without alienating the audience. His show on Saturday was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

I am off to Toronto on Saturday to attend SLA.

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  1. Murph Says:

    One more reason to get out of the boonies. I love Pollak and would have loved to see him.


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