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The Best 46 Free Utilities

:: Rita Vine at Sitelines draws attention to The 46 Best-ever Free Utilities, compiled by Ian “Gizmo” Richards, editor of Tech Support Alert. Free utilities covered included best web browser, anti-virus software, adware/spyware/scumware remover, spam filter for the average user (and one for the experienced user), best BitTorrent client, FTP client, etc etc. The list extends to 64 utilities if you subscribe to Gizmo’s monthly newsletter, Support Alert, which I just did myself.

2 Responses to “The Best 46 Free Utilities”

  1. Tony Says:

    That was useful and timely. My subscription for Zone Alarm is running out and I wasn’t sure if I needed to spend the money on a commercial product. There are some links in that article leading to further articles about on virus and trojan scanners and layering different scanners which were interesting and useful.

  2. Tony Says:

    Useful and timely since my Zone Alarm Suite update subscription is running out, and I was wondering if it was a little too big and intrusive for what I need. The links to free firewall, AV and Trojan scanners are interesting and there are some good articles on layering products for increased protection.

    Overall I am starting to seriously think about a Linux installation to get a little more life out of my machines and to avoid all the headaches of Windows vulnerablities.

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