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If You Got It…

.: This 30-second commercial about the University of Alberta, where I have worked for 22+ years, will air on CBC television during the upcoming Winter Olympics. Further details here, including who’s in the commercial, and about the host, UA grad and playwright Vern Thiessen. I’m not sure why the commercial was created or of its purpose, other than, as Thiessen says, “if you got it, flaunt it.” Maybe it’s a recruitment ad, but it’s not like we’re wanting for students, with the current number hovering somewhere around 35,000. Blink and you’ll miss three quick shots of researchers working at NINT, where I hope to begin operations early next week,

3 Responses to “If You Got It…”

  1. amanda Says:

    neat. that’s actually a half-decent ad. *my* institution just launched a mini campaign locally that is just abysmal.

  2. Brad Says:


    How do you suppose they got Brent Spiner to schill for the U of A? I guess the cancellation of Threshold must have left him a bit short…….*LOL*

  3. Diane Walton Says:

    Saw the commercial yesterday. If nothing else, perhaps it will draw some attention to Vern and his work? The U of A , as you say, probably doesn’t need a whole lot of PR.


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