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Baby Steps

More blog coding headaches, albeit minor ones. I (thought I) solved a problem Geoff mentioned regarding how my site looks in different resolutions. However, now when I move the page up and down, parts of various entries are blurring. It’s all weird, a test of patience and character building, right? You have probably noticed this already. I’ve sent e-mails and posted to Moveable Type discussion lists, hoping to get help on this one.

Yesterday brought a nice moment: on Tue morning, I taught a research skills class to third year chemical engineering design students. Yesterday I spotted about 20 of them in the library working on the first assignment based on my lecture. Not only was it rewarding to see them working on it, in discussions with some of them I could sense they realized the assignment was a stepping stone to developing said research skills to help them with their group design projects. In other words, they realized the assignment wasn’t a waste of their time.

This may sound boring, right? To me, here is a group of students learning new skills, and understanding why the skills are important to them now and in the future. It doesn’t get any better than that.

OK, maybe that was boring. But there was a great sunset, I’m one week away from going to NYC for a break, and things in Calgary may be improving for my brother, who is looking for work. All in all, a good day.

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