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About PBD


Who am I, What is This Place?

Welcome to the pod bay door, and thank you for visiting this site. I am Randy Reichardt, a librarian and musician living in Edmonton AB. I was born and raised in St Boniface MB (Winnipeg), and moved to Edmonton in December 1978. Currently I am an engineering librarian at the University of Alberta, and the guitarist in the band, Hardy Boys & Nancy Boys. I am also the guitarist for the Edmonton fiddler, Amelia Kaminski.

This blog began in July 2002 on Blogger. Over time it has changed platforms to Movable Type, and then WordPress. There is no consistent theme on the pod bay door. I will write about whatever, whenever. Early on, I was posting a few times a week, but well into my fifth year of blogging, the initial enthusiasm has waned considerably. That said, I don’t plan to end this activity any time soon, and will continue to maintain my blog, and my domain, for a time to come.

For those wondering, the name is taken from the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey. You can hear it about 53 seconds into this clip.

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