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Making Creative Noise in the Basement

.: I am the guitarist in the Edmonton-based band, Hardy Drew & the Nancy Boys, and this is a basement video of us playing the song, “Heavy Early”, written by drummer David Leigh.


6 Responses to “Making Creative Noise in the Basement”

  1. Mom Says:

    Sounds like you were having a great time Randy. I guess it’s good to be using the Fender more often. Keep it up.

  2. Fluffy Snakes Says:

    No sound on my computer for this YouTube video, although other YouTube videos play normally.

  3. Fluffy Snakes Says:

    Just tried the actual YouTube page and the sound plays okay there. Hum. Can’t say why the video embedded on your web page plays differently.

  4. Al-Paoul Says:

    Schweet, mang. A stone groove.

    Ye seem quite at home on the electrical guitar, b’y. Not bad sound quality for YouTube, either.

    Freak out.

  5. kevin Says:

    wow, you guys rock, but then when you hit the bong hard everything rocks. hey dave, still playing darts in the shed? well hey from so cal, kev

  6. Tyler Myroniuk Says:

    Hey Dave…I don’t know how else to really get a hold of you…I’m wondering if I can take you up on helping me find one of those Les Paul’s…my email is

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