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Moblog, Colour Blindness Commentary

So what will happen when weblogs go mobile?

Two posts below, I discussed altering web sites for colour blind readers. Please see the very interesting commentary by the anonymous CB reader who offers further fascinating insights into that world.

Barring a miracle, the white flag was raised today re: Gallery. My webserver does not support NetPBM, nor does it run PHP in a non-safe mode. I will investigate other photo uploading programs.

From Anne’s site comes this hilarious take on self-help books, romance novels, computer manuals, and more. Bust a gut.

3 Responses to “Moblog, Colour Blindness Commentary”

  1. anonymous CB reader again Says:

    Overlooked in my rant was the subject of digital projection as the future of movies. When I see a movie that has “the look” I remain in my seat until I see words like “Fuji” or “Eastman-Kodak” or “Agfa-Colour.”

    The choice of film stock is as integral to the artistic process as the jump-shot. Everybody from Marshall McLuhan to Roger Ebert has got it right: the mediums are different and yet both have their merit. But to reduce Film to the lower denominator of digital projection is not the way to go.

    Colourblindness acts as an amplifier. It makes movies shot on film look great. It makes digital video transferred to film look okay. But digital projected digitally (and I’ve seen some expensive demos) looks pretty lame. Let us hope Lucas will go down in the books on the strength of his first 3 films (1138, AG, SW4) and not as the father of digital theatre. Believe me, you don’t know what your are subliminally missing.

  2. Limegirl Says:

    I ran my site through Vischeck, and it came out an interesting puke-green colour. Still readable, though, I think.

    My father is somewhat colour blind, but I never realized that colour blindness could encompass so much of the colour spectrum.

    It’s a condition that deserves a great deal more consideration and accomodation than it currently receives. I think there needs to be more education about it.

  3. Your_Pal_Steve_in_the_Peg Says:

    Despite having a vested interest in copyright, I find myself completely on the side of the downloaders here. I am hooked on burning my own CDs. For the most part, I rip my own CDs to the hard-drive, then make compilation disks for various moods, drives, whatever. It occured to me recently that I’d willingly pay to download MP3s from music companies, on the condition that there were no limits on the number of times I could then burn the MP3 to CD for my own use. Since there’s no material cost involved, I’m thinking 25 cents to 50 cents would be a fair price. It would sure has heck beat scouring p2p networks for the songs I don’t yet own, on disks I don’t really want to buy. Talk about putting power in consumers hands. No more having to pay for a crappy album for one good song!

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