Reading on a Dream: A Library Musical

I don’t know if this is the basis for a Broadway musical, but it’s a heckuva start, as they might say in Minnesota. This was staged without the other library patrons having any idea what was about to happen, so it appears; watch their reactions. I love it – it’s totally brilliant.

In other news, trying to load Gallery nearly reduced me to tears last night. Tonight I mucked around a bit more, downloading and unzipping binary NetPBM files (it’s ok, my brain hurts too), and I did some CHMOD shyte. Finally, I submitted a long message on their user forum. I’m beginning to wonder, is it worth it?

So instead, I built my first PHP page last night. I have no idea what the coding means. And I played on my computer, over and over and really loud, Trusty Chords, by Hot Water Music. This is music to exorcise the demons. Listening wasn’t enough – I blew the dust from my Telecaster, plugged it into my AmpCan, took a minute to decipher the chord structure of the song, and played along like I was in a punk band. HA!

Today, people at work reaffirmed my faith in humanity.

Isn’t life sweet?

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  1. jennifer Says:

    I have a fab’ PHP book you can borrow if you really want to. 🙂

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