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This … is ONN!

Posted in Library, NYC, Steely Dan, The-Onion on March 26th 2007 by Randy Reichardt

The Onion now has its own television news channel! Imagine – we’ll never have to read again.

Onion News Network Promo

In other goings-on, there are a number of forthcoming trips for which I am slowly preparing. On April 07 I will fly to San Francisco to attend a meeting at this conference. Afterwards I will spend a few days in Victoria to visit friends before returning to Edmonton. In May I will be in Lethbridge for the long weekend, with a day trip to Sunburst MT to attend my friend’s daughter’s high school graduation. On June 02 I’m off to Denver to attend this conference, returning on June 07. On June 09, I’m off to NYC for nine days, this time using a Steely Dan concert on June 11 at The Beacon Theatre as the ostensible excuse for what I think will be my 15th visit to the Big Apple. Beyond this assortment of jaunts, I don’t have any other firm plans for summer vacation at this time.

Conference Time

Posted in Baltimore, Library on June 10th 2006 by Randy Reichardt

.: I’m off to Baltimore MD this morning, to attend the Special Libraries Association Conference. Afterwards I’ll be staying with my friend, Mary, and plan to rent a car to drive to Washington DC and perhaps Annapolis, and who knows where else.


Posted in Library, Music, Work Related on February 22nd 2006 by Randy Reichardt

.: If this wasn’t on the BBC site, one would think it was written for The Onion: 21 people were rescued after they fell nine feet when a floor collapsed during a health and safety meeting at an educational supplies firm in Hyde in the UK.

.: February began with the trip to Toronto to present at the OLA Conference, followed by a few days in Winnipeg. Upon returning, I prepared and delivered five lectures to various engineering classes and started working at NINT half-days the same week. In the midst of all this, I was also rehearsing with Amelia for a concert we played today as part of the Music Wednesdays at Noon series, which went quite well, and was appreciated by all who attended. Now I can take a breath or two, and begin working on a presentation for the upcoming 231st American Chemical Society National Meeting in Atlanta. I am participating in the Social Software and Chemical Information program on Sunday, March 24th. While in Atlanta, I will spend some time hangin’ with my lawyer cousin, Adam. I was in Atlanta once before, in 1994.

I need sleep.


Posted in Library, Random Thoughts, Travel on January 29th 2006 by Randy Reichardt

.: This week is the first of three very busy ones in my life. Tomorrow I deliver the first of six lectures, to a group of 82 4th-year mechanical engineering design students. On Wednesday I fly to Toronto for to attend and present at the OLA Superconference (see Sat 9:05 am, #1722.) Upon my return, I will be teaching five more engineering-related classes, and on Feb 22, perform a concert with Amelia, for which I need to rehearse considerably beforehand. In the midst of all this, I have not had much time to begin working as the NINT Librarian. Last week, I did spend some time there, meeting more people and signing more documents. The office space I will be sharing at NINT will not be available until mid-week, which is when I fly to Toronto. Subsequent to my return, I will settle in and begin more official duties.


Posted in Library, On The Road on June 14th 2005 by Randy Reichardt

:: I am back from Toronto and Kitchener. Tomorrow I drive to Calgary to attend the CLA Conference. The week in Ontario was fun, rewarding, and very busy. It was also stiflingly hot and muggy, with temperatures hovering between 30-35C every day (86-95F), high humidity, with smog alerts issued daily in Toronto. I had a wonderful visit with my Great Auntie Anne, whom I had not seen since I was too young to remember. I spent two days in Kitchener visiting my friends, Jason and Brenda, also a very nice and relaxing time. More on the trip later.

:: Interesting interactive quiz about Canada from the Globe and Mail, called What Canadians Think About Everything. I scored 14/20. Damn that heartbreak question.

Knit Till You Drop, and Then Knit Some More

Posted in Library on June 8th 2005 by Randy Reichardt

:: Today is the last day of the SLA Conference in Toronto. It’s been interminably hot, and I’ve had four morning meetings in a row beginning at 0730, 0730, 0730 and 0700 hrs. I’ve had a good time, an exhausting time, it’s been great to see old friend, and make a few new ones. Anyway, I was leaving the final morning meeting an hour ago, and while walking towards the general conference meeting area, noticed a fellow conference attendee walking in the opposite direction towards me, apparently holding something in her hands. As I got closer, I realized that she was knitting while she was walking.

It’s bad enough that occasionally in sessions at library conferences, I notice the occasional audience member knitting, quietly adding to the staid, dowdy stereotype image of the librarian, that of loving only cats, books, and wool. But while they’re walking? Good grief. Can you say obsessed? Can you say addiction?

I have nothing against knitting (or cats or books for that matter.) Some of my dearest and best friends knit. My grandmother knitted me Christmas bells. But enough already! I’m sorry, but while attending and participating at a professional conference, knitting is inappropriate, and unprofessional.

That sound you hear is me banging my head against the desk in my hotel room.