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:: I am back from Toronto and Kitchener. Tomorrow I drive to Calgary to attend the CLA Conference. The week in Ontario was fun, rewarding, and very busy. It was also stiflingly hot and muggy, with temperatures hovering between 30-35C every day (86-95F), high humidity, with smog alerts issued daily in Toronto. I had a wonderful visit with my Great Auntie Anne, whom I had not seen since I was too young to remember. I spent two days in Kitchener visiting my friends, Jason and Brenda, also a very nice and relaxing time. More on the trip later.

:: Interesting interactive quiz about Canada from the Globe and Mail, called What Canadians Think About Everything. I scored 14/20. Damn that heartbreak question.

6 Responses to “Update”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hm. I got 9 out of 20…the ones I got right were mostly political. Does that mean I can be Canadian yet? Socialized medicine, here I come!

  2. Murph Says:

    Jo’s at CLA. Maybe you’ll bump into her.


  3. Michael Hall Says:

    Damn! 10 out of 20! And I got the hearbreak one!

  4. sharon Says:

    I tried the quiz for kicks and I got 8/20. Considering that I am 12 hours away, it’s not too bad, is it? Maybe I should start packing for Canada. (btw, i got the heartbreak question right)

  5. Garth Danielson Says:

    All I got was 8 out of 20. Not living in Canada I sure miss a lot of news. I did get the heartbreak question, I have driven across Sask and that can break your heart. I still suffer from that trip to Regina back in the 70’s. That open prairie stuff will kill you. It makes you crazy, you can see it on Brent Butt’s show.

  6. Darcy Says:

    12 out of 20.

    And I like driving in the prairies! That’s what you get for being born there, I guess 😉

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