RSS Clusterf***

Posted in Movable, RSS, Type, WordPress on December 6th 2005 by Administrator

.: I’ve spent upwards of 6 hours today trying to understand why the RSS feeds for PBD and STLQ seem to have imploded. The “old” PBD, until a few hours ago, was running on a Movable Type blog. The “new” PBD is running on a WordPress blog. STLQ remains on an MT blog.

STLQ’s feeds were pointing back to PBD. PBD’s feeds were pointing to God knows where. So what have I done to try to fix this, given that I am php- and xml-challenged? I transferred the old PBD posts to the WordPress PBD. I deleted the old PBD site from its Movable Type platform, deleted and then reinstalled (after much weeping and gnashing of teeth) the domain to my server space, and redirected that URI to, to where it was pointing in the first place. (Don’t ask, please…)

In my MT settings, where STLQ lives, I changed the URI from to When I checked the RSS feeds for STLQ in Bloglines, they “seemed” to be working again. However, closer inspection confirmed that only the atom feed is working properly:, and the index.xml feed, while pointing to STLQ, doesn’t produce any feeds.

Plug into Bloglines, and it responds with four feeds that don’t work. Plug into Bloglines, and you get seven feeds, three of which point to STLQ feeds (which I thought no longer existed, as they would now be feeds), and two of which don’t seem to work at all.

It’s not supposed to be this way. I have over 220 subscribers to PBD, and who knows how many on STLQ, now that the feeds have turned to shyte. I am so fed up with this nonsense, and my MT 3.2 installation has been sluggish since the upgrade.

The laughter you hear is coming from the first, fourth and fifth floors of Cameron Library…


Posted in WordPress on September 1st 2005 by Administrator

A migration from Movable Type 3.2 is taking place, albeit slowly. Please be patient with me. 🙂