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Latitude 53’s Super Fantastic T-Shirt Extravaganza

Posted in Latitude 53 on November 23rd 2006 by Randy Reichardt

.: My friend and colleage, Allison Sivak, is the current President of Latitude 53 in Edmonton. L53 is about to launch its Super Fantastic T-Shirt Extravaganza. Allison writes:

Latitude 53 is an artist-run centre that pays fair artist fees and supports artistic research and experimentation (through visual art, curating, and writing). We create space for artists to show work that is in development, that pushes boundaries of format or content, and that challenges audiences on many levels. We’ve been in Edmonton for 33 years, making it one year younger than me. Over this time, we’ve supported hundreds of artists, writers, curators, and performers in presenting their work, and encouraging deeper and more varied dialogues around contemporary art. We also throw some fun parties, to which Randy can attest (ask him about Led Zeppelin karaoke). Money raised from this t-shirt subscription will create a small L53 army of 100 that wears their belief in contemporary art on their sleeves. Or, chests, rather. It will also support exhibitions, publications, and our performance art festival!”

The parties at Latitude 53 are always a lot of fun, as Allison says, and can sometimes include that special, memorable karaoke moment, in which you and a friend (i.e., Allison and I) try singing the words to Zep’s Immigrant Song at a way too slow speed to do it any justice.  Anyway, do consider buying a set of t-shirts to support a very worthwhile cause, and they make wonderful Christmas gifts!