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Sing A RainSong

Posted in Guitar, RainSong on January 27th 2008 by Randy Reichardt

.: We are a few weeks into 2008, and I think the year could evolve into one in which I treat myself to a few new toys. Earlier this month, I began by buying myself a new guitar, specifically a RainSong OM1000. RainSongs are guitars made from graphite only, no wood involved. RainSongs have a unique sound to be sure, but are also impervious to temperature and humidity change. The creators describe the RainSong guitar as having “the crystal detail, warmth and volume of the classic carbon sound.” I’m not sure exactly what “the carbon sound” is, but I like the guitar. It is certainly lighter than the wood acoustic guitars I own, and the sound might be described as brighter than a traditional acoustic guitar. The OM1000 has a body depth of about 4.125 inches, smaller that what I am used to playing, but which was something I wanted in a new guitar. I first became aware of the RainSongs when I went to the Mandolin Bros store on Staten Island in October 2001 and played one in the shop. At the time, RainSongs were manufactured in Hawaii, but the company relocated to Woodinville WA in 2001.

I’m looking forward to playing my new guitar – it’s the first acoustic guitar I’ve purchased since 1989. I’m also looking forward to using it in upcoming live performances. I can’t explain what motivated or moved me to buy a new guitar now. I was in Avenue Guitars in early January, the chief guitar shop I have frequented for decades, where two models were on sale. I took each one home for a workout, and chose the OM1000. It felt like the right thing to do, and so far I’m happy with the decision. It’s like a late Christmas present to myself. 🙂