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Snow and Rumours of Snow

:: Yes, it’s been snowing here quite a bit lately. The last 48 hours have seen between 5-10 cm of snow fall to the ground. This afternoon I visited friends who are moving to Toronto, and just had a baby. I drove back and forth in front of the house where the reception was happening, finally parking and immediately getting stuck. When I went to leave, it took four men to help me push the car out of the ruts in the street. Very frustrating. I grew up in Winnipeg in the 50s-70s, and was spoiled by the snow removal there – in weather like this, graders and front-end loaders would be on all the streets within hours. In Edmonton, side streets and minor throughways are ignored by the City, which tends to clear the main drags only. What a drag.

:: I’ve returned to a three-column template, and I’ve been experimenting with light background colours. As you can see, I’m having some difficulty lining up the right-side column with the body of the page. Any suggestions from you CSS/HTML/MT wizards out there?

4 Responses to “Snow and Rumours of Snow”

  1. Michael Hall Says:

    I liked the pink you had yesterday. Not everyone can bring that off — but yoyu did!

  2. jennifer Says:

    If I don’t see a snow plow down my street soon, I am going to snap.

  3. Steve 40 Says:

    Snow plow? The flowering cherry trees are starting to flower. In Coquitlam when it snows it takes three days to get a snow plow down my little back street.

  4. jennifer Says:

    Steve, suck it. 🙂

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