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Bloggers Blogging About Blogs

Mike sent a link to this article on blogs as social networks. The author examines blogs as a social network, using power law distributions. Some of his conclusions are interesting, including how the A-List bloggers may eventually morph into mainstream media-types as their audiences grow. He also suggests that the term “blog” itself may drift into the background as blog technology becomes a platform for other types of online publising.

It seems like a lot of “serious” bloggers are now analyzing blogging in their blogs – does this sound a bit redundant? I thought this was supposed to be all kinds of fun!

5 Responses to “Bloggers Blogging About Blogs”

  1. Billy Says:

    Fun? Fun is being outside in shorts in the sun when it’s 75 degrees — it’s too cold to be fun.

  2. kelly Says:

    Belly button gazing.

    It’s been a good 3, 4, 5 years since blogging really started getting crazy, and as soon as something has passed that ‘fad’ stage and become something more tangible, real and lasting, that’s when the anaylsis starts.

    This comment coming from you, Randy, with your book on blogging!

    Looking forward to meeting Chuck ( next week, not so sure if I want to be filmed for his documentary/blogumentary. He’s interested in the dynamics of blogging and how much of a ‘face’ is put up while someone is blogging.

    Blah. I should be studying.
    Or packing.
    Or shovelling the driveway.

    Or something.

    See ya next week.

  3. randy Says:

    I have a book on blogging? Really? What’s it called? Kel, you might be referring to the article I am writing with Geoff – this is for one of our professional journals, in an attempt to extol the virtues to our colleagues across Canada. It doesn’t contain any kind of analysis along the lines of Shirky’s.

    And what’s this about you being interviewed by Chuck Olsen? Tell all, please!

  4. kelly Says:

    Uh..actually, Randy, I was talking about the book you OWN on blogging. Not one you wrote. Funny how you misconstrued that… 🙂

    More info later. I’ve got stuff to do! All nighters to pull! Things to pack!

  5. randy Says:

    Oh. Duh. Of course. Sorry – brains cells die faster as one ages. Have fun in Mpls, haven’t been there since 1999. Check out The Electric Fetus if you have time, Kelly.

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