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OCLC – Not The Bad Guy After All?

:: More news about the OCLC-Library Hotel lawsuit is emerging. According to the Sept 26 Library Journal Academic Newswire (to which I have no e-access, and which I cannot quote for 60 days according to its redistribution rules, and therefore am paraphrasing), OCLC has tried, for three years, to get the owners of The Library Hotel to sign a simple agreement regarding use of the DDC. The agreement would in effect acknowledge that The Library Hotel’s use of the DDC was done with permission of OCLC. The owner of the hotel is a man named Henry Kallan, and according to the OCLC lawyer, Joseph Dreitler, they heard nothing from him for two years. Then, in 2002, Dreitler noted that, “He basically told OCLC to get lost.” At the moment, the hotel has denied any wrongdoing, and the General Manager, Craig Spitzer, has advised that Kallan is on vacation and will speak with the press when he returns.

At this point, I think I’m siding with OCLC.

Stay tuned. Who would’ve thought that the library world could get this exciting? I wonder what Melvil would do? Why doesn’t OCLC have a press release about this on their web site? And what’s up with the Library Hotel Erotica Package, and its special Erotic Literature Room? Mmm…classify that under, “rrrrrrrrrrr“.

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