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:: I experienced two “firsts” today. At work, we began our Librarian On-Site! service. For the first time in my 25-year career as a librarian, I left the library to do information and reference work, and went to where the users “live”, on their turf. I set up shop in a large computer lab, and offered consulting to any engineering student or faculty who needed help. It was a lot of fun, especially in the second hour, when a class of chemical engineering design students descended upon me with a propane pricing and chemical property question.

The other “first” was more personal – I was fitted for a hearing aid. Yah, you read that correctly. It’s wonderful getting old. I’ve had a version of low tone conductive deafness in my right ear since 1985 or so. It’s never worsened or improved, so my ear doctor suggested I consider a hearing aid. I’m going to try it for a few weeks, and then decide whether or not to purchase (~$1,500Cdn, just a pile of chump change).

A hearing aid. I can’t believe I typed those words. It seems to work well most of the time. It doesn’t work well with a telephone or headset or headphones, so I’ll have to get used to using the phone in my left ear. It has two settings, one for group noise (used in a meeting or a party), and a basic setting for conversation. The device feels ok in my ear, not too much of a bother, and most people I spoke to didn’t even notice it. That’s cool because it protects a bit of my vanity, but inside, a small part of me is very, very sad.

9 Responses to “Firsts”

  1. Murph Says:

    A hearing aid.



  2. randy Says:

    If you’re trying to make me feel bad, it’s working. R

  3. Jena Says:

    A hearing aid is far less “old” than squinting quizzically at someone and yelling “WHAT? WHAT?” Or worse, missing or completely misinterpreting something important.

    Like “You know what I’d really like? If you .”

    Eh? Eh? 🙂

  4. Jena Snyder Says:

    Well, geez. It skipped the best part…! That should have read:

    “You know what I’d really like? If you (…INDECIPHERABLE…)”

  5. randy Says:

    Thanks Jena, and I know all that stuff, inherently. I’m simply not taking well to knowing that I’m getting feckin’ old, and my body is crapping out, slowly but surely.

    Frankly, that sucks, and is so totally bloody depressing.

  6. Murph Says:

    Just keep remembering that you’re younger than my ex. And you still know how to rock.


  7. Murph Says:

    Hmm. Forgot to correct the link in my Comments area.


  8. Keith Says:

    You could use my grandmother’s hearing aid. She never uses it….

  9. Jon Says:

    Try bi-focals! When you need to be leaning forward to hear some poor bastard yelling at you, you have the irresistable urge to tilt your head back so that you can stay in focus. Progressive lenses make you sea-sick. It’s better to go deaf and not hear what others are saying about your sagging butt….

    A bullet to the ol’ cabesa is about all that’s left.

    … well maybe nightsweats….

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