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101 Ways To Save The Internet

:: Wired offers 101 Ways To Save The Internet. Among my favorites:

    1 Unleash vigilante justice on spammers: One activist has proposed filters that launch distributed denial-of-service attacks back at spammers. Great. Just make sure we have the right addresses first.
    2 Slash song prices charge 29 cents per download. You”ll make it up in volume.
    3 Quit already, Jack Valenti
    9 Hands off Internet phone calls: Just because the creaky old phone system was regulated to death doesn’t mean VoIP should suffer the same fate.
    10 Free the handsets: We should be able to buy any cell phone and match it with any service plan.
    24 Release Episode III on the Net: It’s going straight to video anyway.
    30 Scramble archived addresses: Online archives of mailing lists are a treasure trove for spammers. Give members the option to have their addresses scrambled in posts.

    37 End broadband monopolies: You can’t get DSL without first signing up with the local phone bureaucracy for a line you won’t use. This is deregulation?
    40 Big music, follow the money: 8 of 9 adults beyond student age still pay for songs instead of ripping them.?
    >From the Microsoft To-Do List😕
    53 Give away a good spam filter?
    54 Ship antivirus wizard: Why can’t the paper clip guy tell us something important, like “This message is infected with Sobig”??
    55 Block self-installing adware for good?
    65 Establish an ID theft hotline: Having your identity stolen is a nightmare, especially the paperwork. Wells Fargo has proposed a one-call service. By sharing and analyzing data, financial services companies could then sort criminals from customers.?
    >From the Google To-Do List😕
    73 Add a search for legal music downloads?
    74 Crawl the Internet Archive?
    78 Give us a filter option for blogs?
    >From the Your To-Do List😕
    91 Stop with the jokes: If we get the one about French military victories one more time, we’re going to come over and unplug you personally.?
    94 Tell Kelly on Geocities to take down her Macarena tribute page: It’s over, Kel.?
    95 Protect yourself, dumbass Download security and virus patches at

:: The new Norah Jones album, Feels Like Home, will be released on Feb 10, 2004. Well, in the USA anyway, but most likely in Canada as well. You can hear the first single, Sunrise, at her Blue Note Records web site, as well as portions of the other tunes on the album. On first listen, Sunrise has a similar feel and texture to the tunes on her last album, which is in no way a criticism per se.

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