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Guide For Fighting Comment Spam

:: Sick and tired of comment spam like everyone else? Jay Allen, creator of MT-Blacklist and Six Apart, have released tbe Six Apart Guide For Fighting Comment Spam, also available in PDF format

:The guide covers many of the concepts and tools available to fight comment spam and explains the strengths and weaknesses that we’ve seen of each. We also included our “best practices” recommendations for not only keeping spam off of your site, but making sure that you and your readers have the best possible experience. The document is intended to be a fairly comprehensive, living document which will change and grow over time to reflect the changing nature of the topic.

Jay’s brilliant creation, MT-Blacklist, is now embedded in the latest version(s) of Moveable Type. Since downloading and installing the newest versions in mid-November, 2004, MT-Blacklist has blocked 12,811 comment spam. We love Jay Allen.

:: Martha Stewart’s team fails to claim victory in prison decorating contest. Armageddon is near.

3 Responses to “Guide For Fighting Comment Spam”

  1. Jeb Says:

    Martha works alone. It’s like sticking Dirty Harry with a partner. It never works out well.

  2. Steve Says:

    Good piece on comment spam. Here’s something I have noticed: the only comment spams I ever received was while I was running Moveable Type. MT is probably the most popular blogging package on the planet. It’s bound to be the target of spammers with efficiency in mind. Since I rolled my own blog I have not had a single spam. This probably combines Security through Obscurity along with The Borg Effect… There’s no point in assimilating a single entity.

  3. randy Says:

    Yes, well, you are a blog coding God, Steve. The rest of us lowlife-types need to use existing software!


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