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New York Summary

I saw the following in New York :

Movies (9): Last Orders, Secretary, Tully, The Grey Zone, Femme Fatale, Far From Heaven, Bloody Sunday, Auto Focus, Igby Goes Down.

Comedy (3): Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo, Bill Maher.

Music (1): Yes.

Theatre (1): Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune.

I awoke one morning last week at The Leo House in NYC to discover I’d left my hotel room key in the door the night before. No one mugged or killed me, as far as I can tell. In the past I’ve left my car keys in my car overnight twice at Marmot Basin (when I skied in the mid-80s), and have previously left my house keys in the front door of my house overnight as well. One time in the mid-90s I went to work and left the front door of my house open. None of this is a good sign.

Some of you know that two of my cars have been lost in fires, and that last year I backed out of my driveway with my back door, driver’s side, open, smashing it into the column holding up the carport. That car went up in flames last February. Yesterday, driving to work in a daze, I entered the Education Car Park and took too sharp a right turn going up the ramp, and scraped the back door, passenger side, something fierce.

4 Responses to “New York Summary”

  1. zuchris Says:

    I think I can one-up you in the key department. A few years ago, showing my new apartment to some friends from out of town, on our way up, I dropped my set of keys down the elevator shaft as the door was closing. Needless to say, the friends never got to see my new place. Two days later, I paid some monkey from the elevator company $30 to retrieve my keys.

  2. Murph Says:

    I once left a $2000 Hasselblad camera on the roof of the car. Discovered it when we took a corner and the strap came down, and managed to roll down the window and grab hold before my life ended. (It wasn’t my camera.)


  3. jennifer Says:

    Randy, take the bus dude.

  4. Says:

    Happy birthday to ARPANET

    ARPANET, precursor to the Internet, was first connected on this day in 1969. “The network connected a computer at the

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