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Helsingin Valituskuoro or: Too Many Tests! Tea Is Too Hot! Santa Claus is Stupid! Dad Is Allergic to Hairy Animals!

Posted in Comedy, Humour, Music on February 17th 2007 by Randy Reichardt

.: What’s up with the Finns? Why are they so cranky? Who cares? These videos are hilarious, and the school children’s song is even better knowing that the class, from the Poikkilaakso Elementary School in Helsinki, wrote the lyrics themselves. The chorus is brilliant. But I think what makes it so funny is that none of the children ever smiles – how could they record this without cracking up? They all look so serious singing these lyrics, and it just makes the video even funnier. Plus, each line of the lyrics doesn’t necessarily fit into the rhythm of the song compared to the previous line but still works somehow, which for me as a musician, just increases the hilarity of the entire production. God bless the music teacher who put this together. Who wants to start a complaints choir? WHY must we take it so easy? I want to learn how to play this song. Can someone teach me how to sing in Finnish?

Then you can enjoy a group of Finnish adults singing out their collective woes. Helsingin Valituskuoro, otherwise known as the Helsinki Complaints Choir.

I didn’t realize there are other such choirs, including:

Hockey and Basketball Just Don’t Mix

Posted in Humour, The-Onion on January 25th 2007 by Randy Reichardt

The Onion

NHL Admits Slam-Dunk-Contest Portion Of All-Star Skills Competition A Mistake

DALLAS-Commissioner Gary Bettman told reporters Tuesday night that the addition of the first-ever slam-dunk contest to the NHL All-Star skills…

Frito-Lay Angrily Introduces Line Of Healthy Snacks

Posted in Humour on November 7th 2006 by Randy Reichardt

A warning: this is rude but hilariously funny.

Frito-Lay Angrily Introduces Line Of Healthy Snacks

The Onion

Frito-Lay Angrily Introduces Line Of Healthy Snacks

PLANO, TX—”Look at what you’ve reduced us to,” said CEO Al Carey, as he disgustedly held up a bag of Cranberry Spinach Explosion snack chips.

Stephen Colbert Gives Wikipedia a C*ck-Punch

Posted in Humour, Stephen-Colbert, Wikipedia on August 2nd 2006 by Randy Reichardt

.: On Monday night, Stephen Colbert nailed Wikipedia on “The Word” segment of The Colbert Report. The “word” on the 31 July 2006 episode was wikiality, the antidote to reality. As Colbert noted, “All we need to do is convince a majority of people that some factoid is true, for instance, uh, I don’t know, that Africa has more elephants today than it did ten years ago”, and it will be considered true, even if it isn’t true (it isn’t) – an example of wikiality in action. (Wikiality is related to truthiness, which “refers to the quality of stating concepts or facts one wishes or believes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true.”) On the show, Colbert encouraged his viewers to find the Wikipedia article on elephants and edit it to suggest that the population has tripled in the past six months.

Well, enough viewers began working on the Wikipedia site that at least 20 elephant-related entries were temporarily locked down by the Wikipedia moderator(s), as well as the Colbert Report entry. Read: I Blocked Stephen Colbert on Wikipedia, by Andrew (Talkerblog), the moderator in question. Andrew wants Colbert to put him “on notice” for blocking him, but Colbert appears to be ignoring him so far. Extensive coverage appeared quickly on sites like Techdirt, Newsvine, CNET News, and John Q chronicled the gritty details here. Much discussion is ensuing on the Wikipedia discuss page, Talk: The Colbert Report, about the show and the fallout on the Wikipedia site.

Nicely timed, The Onion nailed Wikipedia as well this week, with its headline, “Wikipedia Celebrates 750 Years of American Independence.” My favorite line from the article: “While other news and information websites chose to mark the anniversary in a muted fashion, if at all, Wikipedia gave it prominent emphasis over other important historical events from the same day, including the independence of the nation of Africa in 1847, the 1984 ascension of Constantine to Emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor, and the 1998 birth of Smokey, a calico cat belonging to Mark and Becky Rousch of Erie, PA.” (The Onion’s take on the Carolina Hurricanes’ Stanley Cup victory is hilariously funny.)

A New Way To Solve Problems – Do It Like Zidane

Posted in Humour, Zidane on July 13th 2006 by Randy Reichardt

.: This is so funny I am still laughing.

Teeveepedia – The Funniest Web Site Ever?

Posted in Humour, Television on April 4th 2006 by Randy Reichardt

.: Teeveepedia is easily one of the funniest web sites I’ve ever seen. The writing is hilarious and brilliant, and using Wikipedia as its template was a stroke of genius, despite being the obvious thing to do. Dig down into the site and you will find small gems everywhere. I cannot remember laughing out loud so many times while reading through a web site ever. Descriptions of few of my favorite shows:

Homicide: Life on the Street

A sacred, holy narrative! None shall speak against it.

Homicide: Life on the Street aired in the mid-1990s. The apostate network NBC did blaspheme against it by scheduling it for Friday nights, instead of doing a 9 P.M. Law & Order/10 P.M. Homicide block on Wednesday nights. Nonetheless, it clung to life for an astonishing seven seasons, sustained for five of those years by sheer excellence, and in its lamentable sixth and seventh by the unholy presence of Jon Seda.

This brilliant series was never nominated for an Emmy for “best drama,” which proves conclusively that the Emmy Awards mean absolutely nothing.

Homicide was created by ex-journalist David Simon and Tom Fontana. It was also the birthplace of the ever-proliferating John Munch.

Equally hilarious are descriptions of so-called spinoffs, such as:

Star Trek: SVU was a short-lived spinoff of Star Trek centering on the Special Vulcan Unit, a team of elite Federation detectives who solved intergalactic crimes through the application of cold logic and the occasional quirk of their eyebrows. Despite the show’s titillating mind-meld sequences, it ultimately proved a ratings failure, partly because its examination of alien legal systems baffled viewers, and partly because a cast that spoke entirely in measured monotones and had sex only once every seven years put audiences to sleep.

Its fans nonetheless fondly remember the signature episode from the series’ brief run, “For a Handful of Chalk,” in which the cast spends the entire hour writing out the proof to a logical theorem on an immense blackboard to determine whether or not the ambassador from Belisarius V did indeed flarnok with his k’aamot.

The show’s executive producers were Dick Wolf and Majel Barrett Roddenberry.

I haven’t checked every entry yet, but the one that had me laughing out loud and in tears the most is the entry for 24. The description includes recaps for all five seasons. I can’t decide which one is funniest, but here’s Season Two:

Arab terrorists plan to detonate a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles, and only Jack Bauer can stop them. Decapitating a pedophile to get properly warmed up, Jack tortures his way through L.A.’s Muslim communities (with a brief and embarrassing wrong turn into a Sikh neighborhood) in a desperate search for the bomb. After razing a mosque with his bare hands, Jack discovers that his hot new girlfriend’s crazy sister has ties to the terrorists, and dangles her upside-down over a shark tank until she surrenders the bomb’s location. With mere minutes to spare, Jack packs his obnoxious boss and the bomb onto a small plane and sends them cheerily into the Sonoran desert to their irradiated doom. Meanwhile, Kim is attacked by the abusive father of the child she’s babysitting, mows down a nun in a hit-and-run, gets briefly kidnapped by cannibal midgets, causes a plane crash, accidentally severs her boyfriend’s leg, and is nearly eaten by a cougar. She is saved when the cougar sees her in a tank top on a very cold evening, and has to go off and spend some time alone in the bushes. In the shocking final moments of the season, President David Palmer is nearly killed by an infection of gay germs after shaking hands with the naked lesbian terrorist.

I could go on, but I’m laughing too hard. Check out the list of dramas produced by HBO to see why I decided not to add the description of Deadwood to this post.

Teeveepedia is one of a number of parody sites created by The Vidiots.