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Jon Stewart Calls Tucker Carlson A Dick, And Snow Falls In Edmonton

Posted in Film, Miscellaneous, Political Hooey, Television on October 17th 2004 by Randy Reichardt

Edmonton, Saturday afternoon, 16 October 2004, view from my driveway

:: It started snowing on Friday night in Edmonton, and continued throughout Saturday. When it snows this early, not even one month into autumn, the only word that comes to mind for me is: offensive. It’s too early!! All we can do is hope that it melts before it gets too cold for that to happen.

:: Jon Stewart, currently the co-author of the #1 best selling non-fiction book in the USA, was on Crossfire last week, and was brutal in his assault on the show itself. Rather than appear on the show in his role as a comedian, as Tucker Carlson apparently expected, he tore into both Carlson and co-host Paul Begala for the show’s lack of journalism ethics. The video of the segment is available on iFilm – if you are running Norton Internet Security 2003, you’ll need to disable it in order to get the film to play.

Read “Jon Stewart Bitchslaps CNN’s ‘Crossfire’ Show“, on the MTV web site. Stewart leveled into Crossfire, accusing the co-hosts of being “partisan hacks”. But Stewart saved the best for last, when Carlson said to him: “I do think you’re more fun on your show“, to which Stewart replied, “You know what’s interesting, though: you’re as big a dick on your show as you are on any show.” From the MTV article:

“What you do is not honest. What you do is partisan hackery,” Stewart said. “You have a responsibility to the public discourse, and you fail miserably.

“I watch your show every day, and it kills me. It’s so painful to watch,” Stewart added as it became apparent that the comedian was not joking. He went on to hammer the network, and the media in general, for its coverage of the presidential debates. Stewart said it was a disservice to viewers to immediately seek reaction from campaign insiders and presidential cheerleaders following the debates, noting that the debates’ famed “Spin Alley” should be called “Deception Lane.”

“The thing is, we need your help,” Stewart said. “Right now, you’re helping the politicians and the corporations and we’re left out there to mow our lawns.”

While the audience seemed to be behind Stewart, Begala and Carlson were both taken aback. The hosts tried to feed Stewart set-up lines hoping to draw him into a more light-hearted shtick, but Stewart stayed on point and hammered away at the show, the hosts, and the state of political journalism. Carlson grew increasingly frustrated, at first noting that the segment wasn’t “funny,” and later verbally sparring with the comedian.

“You’re not very much fun,” Carlson said. “Do you like lecture people like this, or do you come over to their house and sit and lecture them; they’re not doing the right thing, that they’re missing their opportunities, evading their responsibilities?”

“If I think they are,” Stewart retorted.

The conversation reached its most heated moment when Carlson said to Stewart, “I do think you’re more fun on your show,” to which Stewart replied, “You’re as big a dick on your show as you are on any show.”

The transcript of the show is available, as is Carlson’s reaction.

God bless Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. It is simultaneously funny and sad that at least 21% of people under 30 in the USA consider The Daily Show and SNL as sources for presidential campaign news.

:: I’ve been volunteering at the EIFF since Wednesday, working in the “Industry Centre”, and picking up a few delegates at the airport. I’ve seen two pictures so far, P.S. and Primer.

CBS, NBC and ABC Refuse To Air Fahrenheit 9/11 Ads

Posted in Film, Political Hooey on September 29th 2004 by Randy Reichardt

:: Cindi posted about this on her site. If you’re still not convinced that US Media are in Dubya’s pocket, read about the Big Three networks refusing to air ads for the Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD during “news programming”, because of the closeness of the release of the DVD to the US federal election. From the article in LA Weekly:

ON ANY GIVEN DAY, the major TV networks rarely demonstrate good judgment, much less morality, when it comes to accepting a litany of nauseating advertisements. Hemorrhoid creams. Vaginal ointments. Erectile dysfunction. Army recruiting ads that portray war as a gee-whiz video game. KFC’s claim that fried chicken is the new health food. And, lest we forget, Bud Light’s farting horse during the Super Bowl.

But ads for the October 5 release of the new Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD?

Now that makes Big Media gag.

L.A. Weekly has learned that CBS, NBC and ABC all refused Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD advertising during any of the networks’ news programming. Executives at Sony Pictures, the distributor of the movie for the home-entertainment market, were stunned. And even more shocked when the three networks explained why.

“They said explicitly they were reluctant because of the closeness of the release to the election. All three networks said no,” one Sony insider explains. “It was certainly a judgment that Sony disagrees with and is in the process of protesting.”

Amazing. Fair and balanced? You bet! Not.

Everyone’s Gone to the Movies (Now We’re Alone At Last)

Posted in Miscellaneous, Political Hooey, What? on September 29th 2004 by Randy Reichardt

:: Commenting on the last post, Derryl suggested that I take one for the team, and try to see a movie tonight or tomorrow, to keep “the streak” alive. Tonight didn’t happen, but I’m planning to see Shaun of the Dead tomorrow night. I’ll be in pain, however.

:: You see, last night, in the midst of another coughing fit, I felt a sharp, stinging pain in the front of my left rib cage, in the region the last rib. The pain was incredible, and it hurt every time I coughed after that, or anytime I had to do anything involving the muscles in that area. This morning, I had four x-rays, which revealed clear lungs, and no evidence of rib problems. However, a radiologist needs to study the x-rays closely to determine if I cracked a rib. If not, then the pain is due to cartilege damage from that one particular cough.

I’m on a steriod inhaler to try to quiet the cough, which the physician said is residual from whatever virus I had, and is taking a long time to leave my lungs. No anti-inflammatories yet. And of course, no workouts, now for over five weeks.

All of this is really making the fall suck badly. As Dr Smith would say, “Oh the pain, the pain…”

November 2 and The Need for Change

Posted in Political Hooey on September 19th 2004 by Randy Reichardt

:: I am a Canadian living on my home soil, but many of my friends and family are Americans living in the USA, and will be voting in the upcoming election. One of my good friends, Cindi T in California, has written a disturbing, passionate, heartfelt plea for a change in government in America on November 2nd, 2004. The rest of the world may see Americas as myopic, unable to see past their own borders. After you read “Our Growing Unease“, you will see that this is not always the case:

I’ve tried not to pay attention to government, trusting that the people seated there are good people and have good intentions, even if they don’t agree with my beliefs. I no longer believe this. This is no longer a simple philosophical difference; the future of our country and of our very way of life depend on things changing. We can no longer simply hope that they do; we have to make it happen.

:: In today’s NY Times is a short piece revealing that Kerry and Dubya are related – 9th cousins, twice removed. Good grief.

Reuters announces James Spader wins for Without A Trace - oops!

:: There was a weird ending to the Emmys, which finished about five minutes ago. The Sopranos won for Best Dramatic Series, and after David Chase finished his acceptance speech, James Gandolfini interrupted the closing music to add something, but the producers cut him off, to his dismay. Meanwhile, James Spader won an Emmy for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series for his work on The Practice; Reuters confused him with Anthony LaPaglia, however, by announcing that he won for Without a Trace.

Democratic Convention Game

Posted in Political Hooey on July 28th 2004 by Randy Reichardt

:: Mark Fiore is a former political cartoonist who now works on political animation. His latest offering is a jab at the Democractic National Convention. More of his animated cartoons are available on his site.